Mrs. Reeju Kothat
Vice Principal and Higher Secondary Coordinator (IX to XII)
Prodigy Public School,Pune

Welcome !

It is undoubtedly a great pleasure and an honor to be a part of all that makes up the ‘fibre and being’ of this institution.

There has never been a dull moment since the day I joined this school. Besides attaining good results on the academic front, it is indeed heartening to see our youngsters also winning accolades in extra-curricular, be it in, basketball, football or cultural activities like debates, elocutions, dramatics etc.

Capturing the essence of an institution as varied and diverse as ‘Prodigy’ is a daunting task. As the corridors and class rooms of the school reverberate with laughter and fun, they also unfold the myriad activities that every student partakes in.

Always keeping the holistic end in view of enriching each child in body, mind and spirit, the school year gallops ahead as it instils pride in one’s alma mater while building a confident identity for each student, as they become global citizens.