SPORTING ACTIVITIES: The Core Sporting activity sessions are planned for students with advanced skills and are conducted 2-3 times a week for 1 to 2 hours depending on the sport. These rigorous training sessions focus on tactics and on enhancing performance through advanced skills.

NON SPORTING ACTIVITIES: Students are selected to participate in the core activity groups based on aptitude, effort and commitment. Participation in core activity groups is voluntary but students are expected to commit to regular attendance. Participation in core activity groups would entail students spending extra hours of practice beyond regular school hours. The ‘core’ activity groups for non-sporting activities’ are Indian and Western music (both vocal and instrumental), Dance and Drama.


Cookery: Basic concepts of cookery, cooking different dishes, safety aspects in the kitchen and nutrition. Use of basic kitchen implements, identification and utilization of seasonal vegetables and improvising recipes are done through group and individual work under able teacher supervision. Both local and international recipes are used and care is taken to ensure all students are given a chance to get a hands-on experience. Food is inescapable: no matter where it is you are, you always need to eat! However, the ability to turn this necessity into something enjoyable is a true skill and one that students master through the cookery class.

GK and Quiz: General Knowledge is an important tool to perceive, analyze and understand the world. It adds value both in cultural and academic terms and plays a significant role helping people connect in vibrant multicultural hubs. Quizzing adds the fun quotient in this activity.