Declamation Competition

The speeches given by the notable figures of the nation as well as various other challenging topics are always watched all around the globe. On those lines, the Department of English of Prodigy Public School thought of giving an opportunity to the students to showcase themselves as erstwhile great leaders of the world, get into their shoes and give a chance to the audience to see history come alive with the famous speeches that had been delivered by them. At the same time, topics related to proverbs and challenging times ahead of the 21st century were delivered by the students.

The Declamation Competition was held for the seniors VIII – X students on 22nd April 2017 in the activity hall. The participants took the stage with aplomb and their performance was incredible. It reflected the fact that they had well understood that great inspiring speeches are examples of great oratory which have the power to appeal to the sentiments and stir up the emotions of the listeners – emotions of emancipation, patriotism, liberty and the like.

English Handwriting Competition

The ‘English Handwriting Competition was organized at Prodigy Public School on 29th April 2017 for students of grades VI to X. The objective of this competition was to encourage students to improve their calligraphy skills. The competition was organized in the respective classrooms and all students participated in the same.

The response of the students was very encouraging. An overwhelming majority of students put in their best foot forward to perfect their handwriting and win the competition. The closely contested competition presented a challenging task for the teachers to adjudge the winners. Students were judged on the basis of neatness, formation and spacing. It was a successful event and three students from each grade were selected as winners.

Go Green To Keep Our Surrounding Clean Activity

At Prodigy Public School, we understand, appreciate and value our green environment. It is important that this precious gift is nurtured, preserved and reserved for the next generation. To ensure our students become global green citizens they are sensitized through awareness programmes.

On 19th June 2017, a special assembly was organized on ‘Green School Programme’ with an aim to sensitize students to the environment and empower them to use natural resources in a responsible and an efficient manner.

Students along with the campus director Dr.S.N. Patil, PrincipaL Mrs. Anuya Salve, Vice Principal Mrs Reeju Kothat, Primary Coordinator Mrs. Ashwini Kakde and the Principal of Prodigy Junior Kids planted saplings in the school campus.

International Yoga Day

Since its inception in the year 2015, June 21st is celebrated as The International Day of Yoga all over the world. With reference to the CBSE Circular No. Acad-20/2017 dated 6/06/2017, the students from VI – XII of Prodigy Public School practiced meditation and yoga.

Mr. Vyambak Hirode, a well-trained Yog teacher of Patanjali conducted a meditation session in the morning and helped students learn the positive impacts of meditation and understand the benefits of yoga.

The Principal Mrs. Anuya Salve along with the students performed yogic exercises and ‘pranayam’ to celebrate this day. Regular practice of yoga will surely help our students achieve a better life, physically, mentally and spiritually as well.


In order to motivate the students to overcome their stage fear and to showcase their talents, Prodigy Public School organized a class wise debate competition for grades VI – X on 23rd June 2017.  There were 4 students each in a class wise group from each section who spoke for and against the motion on the topics like ‘Social Media’, Vegetarian vs Non Vegetarian and Modern Medicine vs Ayurveda.


On 3rd July 2017, the festival of ‘Ashadhi Ekadashi’ was celebrated with great enthusiasm by the VI – XII students of Prodigy Public School in the school premises. Students along with the teachers made a beautiful ‘Palakhi’ adorned with fresh flowers and paper ornaments.

All the students were attired in traditional costumes and carried the ‘Palkhi’ in a procession all over the school premises. Religious chants reverberated as the students along with their teachers carried the Palkhi.

All the teachers & non-teaching staff members were enchanted by the enthusiasm of the students and the atmosphere was filled with gaiety and spirituality. The procession ended with the distribution of a devotional offering (‘Prasad’ in native language) to all. This celebration encouraged the students to participate in the rich cultural traditions of our country and know more about their heritage.


Writing accurate and essential information about oneself in the required format was the main aim of the bio data writing competition which was held for class IX and X students on 8th July 2017.


Guru Purnima felicitations
… an occasion to thank the ones who show the way

Guru Purnima is the day to offer salutations to the gurus for they are the ones who nurture students, prepping them to take on the onerous task of steering our country in future time. The nation therefore, along with all pupils, is obligated to all gurus for shouldering this tremendous responsibility.

So, as every year, in keeping with the tradition of revering gurus for their invaluable contribution in shaping the minds and characters of the young people in their charge, Prodigy Public School celebrated the occasion on July 10.

Students also presented various dance and music performances depicting the role of gurus in fostering excellence and steering their pupils towards fulfilling their individual potentials.

The day was thus truly significant for the teaching staff with each member being made to feel special for their role in ensuring their pupils’ all-round development and well-being.


Children always prefer to have some entertainment while they study and therefore you need to provide them with some education that looks like entertainment and using display boards as the ultimate way to provide education is one of the best ways. The best thing about display boards is that you can decorate and elicit it the way you want it and therefore you can use it as a learning tool for students.

On 19th July 2017, an Inter-House Board Decoration Competition was held at Prodigy Public School. The topics given to the four houses were totally in tune with the present day issues, giving the students of VI to X an opportunity to display their creativity, knowledge and artistic skills.

The four houses were judged on the basis of the relevant content, appropriate captions, slogans, visuals and overall presentation. The students of each house worked with great enthusiasm and co -ordination. They had worked hard to collect all the latest information and colorful pictures.


An Inter House Card Decoration using Paper Quilling Competition was organized for the students of grade VI to VIII on 22nd July 2017. The ability to create an effective product, creativity involves two processes: thinking and then producing.

Prodigians proved and exhibited their innovative ideas and decorated beautiful greeting cards. The competition was based on spatial and kin aesthetic intelligence which help students to enhance their unique set of capabilities and device ways in which they may demonstrate intellectual abilities.


Janmashtami was celebrated with religious fervor in Prodigy Public School on 11th August 2017. Mesmerizing dances depicting the life of Lord Krishna were performed. A wonderful show depicting the various stages of Lord Krishna’s life was put up by the students.

While that staging of talent came to end, the senior students started to plan the human pyramid to smash the Dahi Handi(or pot of curd/butter) in the name Lord Krishna.

The senior boys walked confidently towards the area under the pot and as they got closer to it, music started playing. Fast beat and loud songs were played to get them going. Their boosted spirits help them withstand the weight of their mates on their shoulders. The music got louder and all those present there added their clapping to keep encouraging the ‘Govindas’ (those who participate in the Dahi Handi) to climb and break open the pot.

At the end, it was the XII grade senior boys who succeeded in raining down the flowers on everyone and earned the cheers of everyone, including passers-by.

As Krishna would get ‘Maakhan’ (curd) after breaking the pot, the children got Lotte Choco Pies, not from the pot, but as a rewards for those who climbed and for those who cheered endlessly. Everyone was a winner.


It was heartening to see the Prodigy Public School students being present with as much zeal and zest on the Independence Day celebration on 15th August 2017. Their effort in decorating their respective classrooms and their participation in March Pasts and cultural activities on the 71st Independence Day revealed their enthusiasm.

The Investiture Ceremony was held on 15th August 2017 where the ‘Student Council’ and the ‘Student Committee’s for the Academic Year 2017-18 was set up.  It is a representative structure of IX – XII students through which they become involved in some aspect of the school, working with the students and staff members, for the benefit of the school, students and themselves.  It gives them the opportunity to sharpen their leadership skills, problem solving, creative and interpersonal skills. 


On the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, Prodigy Public School students initiated a drive to spread awareness among the general public about the importance of ‘Going Green’ while celebrating the most famous festival in Maharashtra.

Prodigians launched ‘Ganesha Sustainability Project’, wherein students sculpted Lord Ganesh idols made out of ‘Eco-friendly’ materials at the school premises. Through this initiative, the school took a local festival such as Ganesh Chaturthi as a tool to convey solutions to global ecological issues so that students could learn and understand the impact of their actions on the world around them. The school believes this will help the younger generation to become a part of creating a sustainable world.

Students from grades 8 to 12 participated in the Ganesha Sustainability Project on 21st August 2017. Various bio-degradable materials like ‘Shaadu’ (Eco-friendly clay), veg dye, dry flowers, dry twigs, newspapers, etc. were used to sculpt Eco-friendly Ganesha idols. The Eco-friendly Ganesha idols sculpted by the students were displayed at school celebration assembly.


“Spelling is important because it aids in reading. It helps cement the connection that is shared between sounds and letters.”

An Inter-Class Spell Bee Competition was organized on 21st August 2017 in Prodigy Public School basement hall for classes VI to VIII. This competition was one out of the numerous enjoyable competitions that give students a platform to learn spellings in different ways. This competition help students improve their spellings, increase their vocabulary, learn concepts, and develop use of correct English. As a result, children are able to read and write more effectively and score well in tests.

Children participated earnestly in the competition. Their efforts and initiative was appreciated by one and all.


Music ignites all areas of child development: intellectual, social and emotional, motor, language, and overall literacy. It helps the body and the mind work together. Patriotic songs are songs that demonstrate love for one’s country, or have themes that glorify self-sacrifice, land’s beauty, history or ideals.

Music is beneficial for children as it not only develops their aesthetic sense, but is also the key to creativity. It is one of the most beloved human experiences and plays an important role in the education of a child by providing it an opportunity of self- expression. A ‘Patriotic Song Competition’ was organized on 26th August 2017 for students from VI to VIII to expose our children to music, while also enhancing their language and presentation skills.


Poster and Slogan Making Competition was organized on 26th August 2017 in the school premises for IX – XII. The children expressed their views and thoughts about recent social issues by writing slogans and quotes. One could see and feel the enthusiasm that the children had in their presentation. This activity kept the children engaged and it was organized to explore and encourage creativity in children and offer them a platform to showcase their skills. It inspired them to think and work creatively in order to promote artistic excellence.


Extempore is the art of public speaking that is carried out without preparation or forethought. It puts to test one’s ability to think on the spot and also their spontaneity.

Oral communication fulfills a number of general and discipline-specific academic functions. Students need to speak well in their personal lives, future workplaces and social interactions. Extempore is one such method which assists the students not only in thinking on their own but also in voicing their creative ideas with precision.

To imbibe a true spirit of learning in Prodigians and to enhance the communication skills in them, an Inter House Extempore Competition, was held in Prodigy Public School on the 29th August 2017 for classes IV to IX.


Once again, the senior students of X and XII of Prodigy Public School were given a chance to prove themselves in a unique field ‘the teaching field’ to teach pre-primary, primary and middle school students. It was something they saw every day for at least six hours, but not everything can be learnt by watching.

The young ladies were asked to attend school in sarees and the young men, in formals. They had been planning their outfits since the day they received the notice and the efforts paid off when the school was sparkling with bright outfits and spirits.

While the teachers relaxed for a few more minutes than usual, the students took up their task of handling the students until it was time for the festivities. Whether they taught students that day or not, whether the students understood the topic or not, it was quite the day for both. The ‘temporary teachers’, got to understand what their teachers do everyday and the students got a chance to watch the seniors on a ‘trial and error note’ teaching them various different topics, from Math, to Science, to Economics and even Accountancy.

Students left as it was a half day, except for those who were a part of the entertainment for the teachers. There were three students of XII with three very different speeches for their audience. While the head girl, Swati Chamoli spoke in a very poetic and a very meaningful way to show her gratitude to all her teachers throughout her life, the discipline captain, Sreenidhi Tadikonda, had decided to mix up comedy with her gratitude and earned laughter and smiles from her audience. Deepanshu Sharma spoke in Hindi that his words left  a powerful impact on the audience.

Xth graders  danced their hearts out for their teachers.  Another group of XIIth performed a song for their teachers to remind them of their own school days.

The Principal, Mrs. Anuya Salve addressed the teachers and told them how much they mean to the school and to her.

After her address, the energy started building up. She felicitated each and every teacher there and gave them presents as a token of her own thanks for their hard work.

The DJ decided to turn things up a notch and started playing upbeat and fast music. It wasn’t long till the teachers showed their amazing dancer side, while busting a move on the stage. They truly enjoyed themselves with their colleagues, grooving to new and old songs.

The best gift, as best as best can be, were the smiles they shared with each other and the memories they created by just letting go of the complicated equations and confusing words for a few hours.


Reading is an exercise for the development of mind. Reading helps children to enhance their language skills. Reading also develops the creative side of children. Therefore, with the aim of development an activity was conducted as English, Hindi and Marathi Reading Competition for grades VI to IX on 9th September 2017 in Prodigy Public School.

Students were judged on the basis of Fluency, Pronunciation and Voice Modulation. For the final round of Reading Competition, one student was selected from each division and then from the final round three winners were selected based on the above mentioned criteria of each grade.   


As part of our curriculum, students explore and celebrate all major festivals in India. It is part of exploring different cultures and inculcating tolerance among the young ones.

Christmas is a time to give and forgive. Celebrated everywhere as a joyous family affair, we too, at school celebrated Christmas as a happy time for our children. A special assembly of the little children was held in the school premises. “We wish you a merry Christmas…”, “Dashing through the snow…” filled the air with festivity. Little Santa too made a grand entry and gave adorable poses to click. The delight was unconstrained especially as gifts were given by Santa.


The Science Exhibition was held in our school on the 12th January 2018. The highlight of the exhibits was that the students brought out their learning through models, charts, mimes and various other presentations. With an endeavor to promote scientific attitude among budding young students, this exhibition was one of its kind. The overall exhibition proved to be a great success for everyone. The exhibition provided a platform to scientific experimentation and innovation to the future scientists. The enthusiasm and skill clubbed with in depth knowledge was commendable.


What an absolute blast the ‘Annual Concert’ in Prodigy Public School was! There was not a single moment throughout the jam packed two days on 21st and 22nd January 2018 that was not pleasurable. The dance events on nature, animals, unity in diversity and different Indian traditions that took place shone light on the immense talent that students of all the primary, secondary and higher secondary sections had. Mind blowing dancing skills were witnessed on the theme of ‘Tribute to Bollywood’.


The much awaited Annual Sports Day was held in Prodigy Public School with great zeal, excitement and frolicsome atmosphere. The students displayed flower drill, ring drill, pyramid formation, umbrella dance, surya namaskar, cricket and lezim drills and karate display mesmerizing the audience with their energetic performances. Champions were awarded with medals and a certificate. It was a day filled with sportsmanship, enthusiasm and memories to cherish.


Marathi Bhasha Divas was celebrated in honor of the Marathi language and in keeping with the birth anniversary of Dyanpeeth award winner poet late V.V. Shirwadkar alias Kusumagraj in Prodigy Public School on 27th February 2018. Competitions on Marathi essay writing, poetry recitation and handwriting was held prior on 21st February 2018.


Malhar Dave of VI B of Prodigy Public School is a recipient of Kalpana Chawla National Scholar Exam 2017 and received the 3rd prize with a cash reward of Rs.51, 000/-. He bagged two gold medals in the International Informatics Olympiad 2017 securing the 15th state rank and International Olympiad of English Language 2018 securing the 14th state rank held by the Silver Zone Foundation. He also cleared the 1st Level in the written test and the 2nd level in practical of Dr. Homi Bhabha Young Scientist Examination 2017 – 18. He bagged a gold medal in the National Science Olympiad Examination in the 1st level and was qualified for the 2nd level.

Puja Nikam of VI C has won ‘The Hindustan Times Competition Scholarship Examination’ and received a cash prize of Rs.25, 000/-


Nidhi Hargude from class IV secured the 1st position in the ‘Runathon’ of 3 kilometres held by JSPM Group of Institutes on 17th December 2017 and received a cash prize of Rs.21,000/-.

Tanishka Verma secured the gold medal and a certificate in the 4th Vikhe Patil Memorial School Invitational Inter school Karate Championship.

Vaibhavi Kodre secured the silver medal and a certificate in Fights and Events organized by Yash Sports and Taekwondo Academy.


A one day visit was organized to Ralegan Siddhi for class IX students. The main objective of this was not only to marvel and understand the various factors that have contributed to this village being an “ideal” one but also to incorporate and infuse the good points in day to day living. After an hour drive from Wagholi, we reached the humble village of Ralegan Siddhi. We first visited the Information Centre which boasts of a collection of 640 medals and trophies including the Padma Bhushan awarded to Anna Hazare for his invaluable contribution to the betterment of Ralegan Siddhi and the society, as a whole. It also houses a pictorial showcase of how this village went on to become sustainable and is now a role model for others.

We then proceeded to a small hillock just outside the village. It gave us a panoramic view of how this village has managed to flourish even after being deprived of one of the main elements required to survive: water. The western belt of this region of Maharashtra is thoroughly drought – stricken. Ralegan Siddhi although having faced this trauma has now become a pioneer on the energy conservation front. The people, led by Hazare, have carried out various programs like tree plantation, terracing to reduce soil erosion and digging canals to retain rainwater. This has led to conserving water, plenty enough to keep the village wells filled and available for use throughout the year.

Then came the chance to meet the man behind the brainwave. Anna Hazare urged one and all to participate and do their bit to help towards building a better tomorrow. It was truly inspiring to hear him explain his firm yet ambitious plans. After treating ourselves to the humble village cooked meal, amidst the various exotic trees and flowers that adorned the area, we returned home.


Poona Sarees and Dress Materials a popular brand in Pune can be equated to the famous ‘Shaniwar Wada’. The students of class X got the opportunity to visit ‘Chintamani Silk Mills’ in Theur for a one day field trip.  Over the centuries, traditional skills that had been lost have been revitalized. This has enabled craftsmen to continue working in their own environment. Chintamani has transformed the term ‘Fashion’ in the Indian context, and more importantly, has demonstrated that hand-made products can be as profitable and even more glamorous.


Filled with curiosity and zeal, the students of class IX and XI gathered to bid farewell to the outgoing class X and XII 2017 – 2018 batch. The afternoon was a fiesta devoted to the years spent together with friends and teachers and to reminisce joyous moments. The cultural program showcased the multiple talents of class IX and XI students. The incredible play and dance performances were a treat to the eyes.




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