Mr. Hanumant Deshmukh

Middle School Coordinator (VI to VIII)

Keeping the views of the great educationists and continuously working for it, Prodigy Public School has successfully completed one decade of educational aspirations in the sub-urban society.

In Prodigy Public School, we firmly believe that for such ever-growing progress of human beings, one should go hand in hand with the progress of science and technology along with the values which continue to nurture the human culture and bring glory to humanity. The end of knowledge must be the building up of character so we emphasize on ‘character building’ in our school.

Our institute has designed student oriented educational approaches to identify the uniqueness of each child to be understood, appreciated and nurtured. The various facets of Prodigy Public School are designed and developed to create an environment to learn and explore, to think independently and to find solutions in creative and unconventional ways.

When a child acquires special extraordinary talent, he/she is called “Prodigy”. We owe Prodigians that they will be nurtured so well to be courageous,  resourceful and independent learners who will become global citizens with a sense of responsibility and love for humanity.